About Michael Varney

Michael VarneyI am a former Chief Executive of a local Building Society where the byword was mutuality. You can expect me to adopt the same approach as an Author. No, I am not a novelist as, like you, I have to face the reality of life every day whether that be a personal or a corporate experience. We all have to be prepared to face the truth however uncomfortable that might be. We also have to protect the innocent by changing their names, which is my one and only concession.

In the meantime, if you are an aspiring Author do not expect to have your books printed, read, reviewed and published unless you have already found fame for the publisher. Also, as regards law and order, Government Agencies are reluctant to take the initiative on your behalf in the world of Privileged Wealth, Taxation and Advertising. Their viewpoint would be to have a quiet word in their ear to maintain the status quo rather than let down their ‘side’. That should not be the case with crime, violence and ill-informed beliefs whether political, pagan or religious. Schools ought to teach every aspect of belief to expose the fanciful. In the real world, you cannot overlook country life in the past or present, nature, scientific fact or cosmology for their definitive and practical values.

In the world of biology with all its erotic charm do not rely on loyalty as it will let you down. Given all that, who wants to live side by side with division, rage, hate, and one-sided views invented in a square world to suit and excuse hypocritical behaviour? Realistically, that is not a rounded lifestyle. Whatever happened to self-control, good manners and respect for others? A criminal will hide behind any belief and lie to fool you and me when integrity counts for so little. Never take their side. If you do, people may ‘twitter’ about it when fate catches you out – but it does make a good storyline.

Background to books by Michael.A.Varney

I drafted my first book back in 1990, ‘GREAT TEW: Living In The Past.’, about being evacuated as children for 5 years from 1939. I sent a draft to a villager for approval but instead of treating it with nostalgia he disapproved, denied the facts and had it banned in the village shop. I realised, there and then, that people lied about the true facts for no justifiable reason. So, my philosophy became ‘be honest and write the truth’ with one exception – to protect the innocent. Having retired as a CEO, I wrote 2 more books defined as Romantic Realism and entitled, ‘BROKEN DREAMS: Living Without The Past.’, about real relationships going sour – as against the romantic dream world of Mills and Boon. The other book was, ‘WILDEST DREAMS: Living One Day At A Time.’, about life and events,  including hatred on a family holiday in the west of Ireland with two young children and another event when my wife joined the Samaritans and brought about my attempted suicide etc. So, does love conquer all? All that grief was enough in itself but we have all had to contend with the IRA, the Mafia and al-Qaeda. Honestly, they deserve each other, so I put them in Ireland and entitled the book, ‘LYING IN WAIT.’ with all their atrocities, including 9/11 and 7/7 – justifiably condemned in conversational prose. I then reverted to love, passion and romance. How erotic are you? If you think you are, then write your own book, but for comparison do read mine entitled, ‘ENDLESS DREAMS: Eroticism For Adults Only.’ Yes, but, be aware you will leave yourself open to verbal abuse and prudery. It was my sister who over-reacted giving rise to my sixth book, ‘MAUREEN ROLY-POLY: Get Thee To A Nunnery.’ My response to her was quite the reverse, reserved and polite, in the face of such an offensive letter (reproduced in full but with names changed). All that stuff and nonsense was challenging but at the same time, over the years, I had been coping with Readers Digest (now sold) and their pretense of honesty. I then published my eye-opener entitled, ‘READERS inDIGESTion: Cooking The Books For 10 Years.’ You might think ‘reality’ could not get any worse. You would be wrong. The truth is that you and I have been ‘digitalised’ to hide the new crime of ‘cyber fraud’. It’s here, ‘CLEANING WINDOWS IN CYBERSPACE.’ Finally, I have to say that all of these people have played big parts in my life. Telling the truth is supposed to be paramount in any relationship – which, for me, is sufficient justification to expose them for what they are. It’s my life not theirs.