Archive Photo-Plate Photos



Somebody had to expose and print this treasure for posterity and recall



We, you and I, owe our thanks to my son Andrew and daughter Joanne who for a token payment at a jumble sale, have preserved a treasure of plate-glass photographs all of which are illustrated in this book. ey represent one persons’ endeavour to capture and explore new horizons and an important part of his life – important enough to box-up and le into a memorable slot in life. at can only be described as systematic dedication. ey are the original plates slotted into their dedicated boxes and ought to be preserved in a museum to keep them safe. ey are quite de nitely an archive between say 1880 and 1910 re ecting the pride and joy of an early dedicated ‘professional’ photographer. Nowadays photography is just another pastime, reduced to pixels – coming and going in the blink of an eye as ‘sel es’ etc. Back then, late 19th century or so, it was all hard gra to reach any kind of perfection and to capture life itself. Not much has really changed except the dimensions we live in today.

All I have done is to create a book with over 250 rescued images of the past for everyone to enjoy. When you look at them you should treat them as treasures, some are familiar scenes, but never to be repeated. e pictures are therefore one-o s as you cannot turn the clock back. Who knows where some were taken? ere are broad hints of the west country, sunny days and holidays in Devon and Cornwall. ey are yours to enjoy.